Do you live in the Bensenville Fire Protection District 1?

District Coverage – Bensenville Fire Protection Dist. #1

How can I tell if I live in the Bensenville Fire Protection District 1?

Sometimes this is hard to tell.  You would have to live in an unincorporated area (not technically in Village of Bensenville or the City of Elmhurst) between Elmhurst and Bensenville, in DuPage County and Addison Township. 

One good clue is whether or not you vote for Bensenville or Elmhurst candidates.  Another good clue is if you have a letter in the middle of your address, which indicates that you live in an unincorporated area. One way to be certain is if your property tax bill has a line for “Bensenville Fire Protection District #1”.


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We have included zoning maps for both Bensenville and Elmhurst in our “Downloads” section, and if your property ISN’T marked as zoned some way but you ARE on the map, it’s very likely that you are in this district.

There is also a special map for those people south of Grand Avenue which clearly marks in color which properties ARE in this district.